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Requests from Repository Library in Kuopio

You can order articles from Repository Library in Kuopio. This is free of charge if you are staff member or student of Tampere Universty or Tampere University of Applied Sciences. You can only order articles using @tuni.fi e-mail address.

If you need a book from National Repository Library:

Use interlibrary loan services. Form

How to order an article copy from the National Repository Library

  • Log in to TuniLib either with your Tuni account, or with your library card. Make sure you that you have connected your library card to your Tuni account.
  • Search for the journal where the article you want is published in.
  • Choose the Kuopio Repository tab and open the journal’s information.
  • Check that the issue of the journal you need is available.
  • On the right side of the page, you will see the box a Make an article copy request, click the link Make an article copy request from National Repository Library.
  • Write on the form the author's name and article title, publication year or volume, issue and page numbers. Other information will be automatically filled in as the request is sent.
  • Check that your email address is correct and that it ends with @tuni.fi.
  • Finally click the Send button. The Repository Library will send you the article as a pdf file.