Library resources are now available through new Andor.

Log in and and personal information

Log in

Login to view your personal account details, loans, payments and reservation transactions, renew your loans, or place reservations. When logged in, you can save your searches and favourites for later use. In addition students and staff Tampere Universities can access Library's e-resources remotely by logging in with their tuni account.

Login though using either library card or tuni account.

Using Library Card

  • Library card number = number under the card's barcode without spaces
  • password = personal password (5-12 characters, can be characters or numbers).
  • If you have forgotten your password, you can receive a new one by visiting the library's service desk and showing proof of identity.

Using Tampere Universities tuni account (Haka Login)

  • Please enter your tuni id and password.
  • Note! To be able to use patron services (renewing books, placing holds etc.) with Haka authentication you need to connect your library card details at Account’s Library cards tab
  • Note! Remote access is available only by logging in with tuni account.

When you leave the computer, end your session by clicking Logout next to your name.

My account

By clicking on My account under your name you can access your personal tabs: Profile, Checked out items/Renewing, Holds and requests, Fines, Library cards, Favourites, and Saved searches.

Personal information


  • you can only update the email address used for additional due date reminders yourself. NOTE! Always inform the library of changes in email address.
  • you can set an additional reminder of loans that will become overdue
  • you can choose the library you primarily use. This information will be the default pickup location for your reserved books.

Patron information maintained by the library

  • you can see your personal information that is in library's patron register: name, address, email address, phone number, patron statistical category, and (if it were the case) the suspension of borrowing rights (borrowing ban)
  • Note! This patron information can only be corrected or changed at the library service desk or by using the form on the page.

Changing library card's password

  • You can change your password.
  • If you have forgotten your password you can get a new one by visiting the library's service desk in person and showing proof of identity.

Loans and Renewals

  • Items you have checked out are shown on the page arranged by due date.
  • Loans that are due soon are accompanied by a yellow notice.
  • Loans that are due are accompanied by a red notice.
  • You can renew your loans by checking the boxes beside the items and clicking on Renew selected items.
  • If it is not possible to renew a loan (there is a request for the item, or the maximum number of renewals has been reached) there is a text Item can't be renewed.
  • For a successful renewal you can see a green notice : Renewal successful. You'll see the new due date above the notice.
  • If the item can't be renewed e.g. there is a request for the item or your borrowing rights are suspended, you'll get a red notice: Item can't be renewed.

Reservations and information

If you have any reservations or pickup requests, you'll see them on Holds and Requests tab.

When you place a request clicking on Place a request for a book that is borrowed,

  • you will receive a notice that your request was successful, or a reason why it was not successful. For example, requesting a book is not possible because your borrowing rights have been suspended.
  • At My account you can check your place in the hold queue.
  • When the item has been returned, you will be notified by email. At My account you can see the final date the book is available for pickup, e.g. when the hold expires.
  • When you place a request clicking on Place item retrieval request, you can follow the processing of your request at My account:

    • When the request is being processed, the date the request was created is shown
    • When the request has been processed and the book is ready for you to collect you will receive an email notification . At My account you can check the pickup location and the expiry date by which the book must be checked out from the library.

    You can check your hold and/or stack requests and cancel them by clicking Cancel selected holds or Cancel all holds.

    • You will receive either a notification that cancelling the request was successful or a reason why it failed.
    • Cancelled requests remain visible at My account for a few days.
    • NOTE! Requests available for pick up must be canceled by notifying the Library for example by sending e-mail to Otherwise, there will be € 1 charge / reservation.


On Fines tab you can see the fines you have incurred, i.e. how much there is to pay and why. Fines exceeding 10 euros will result in suspension of borrowing rights until you pay the required fees. You can pay the fines at the library service desk or pay online. Library service fees list.

Online payment

What can you pay online?

You can pay fees related to the borrowing services. The fines register only after you have returned or renewed your overdue loans. You cannot pay the fees online if there is a replacement fee for a lost /unreturned book among your charges.. Web payment is possible with all the Finnish web bank services and with VISA, VISA Electron, American Express and MasterCard. The smallest payment possible is three euros (3 €). Paying fees with online payment services:

Login and choose Fines interleaf to see the fees on your account Before you pay online, please note that:

  • You cannot change the amount you pay, you must pay the whole amount of fees.
  • The minimum sum you can pay is 3,00 €.
  • If your loans are overdue, fines of these can be seen only after the loans are returned of renewed.
  • If you have fees that cannot be paid online, contact the library’s customer service.
  • Click Pay online button.
  • Please be sure to return back to TuniLib (Return to seller’s service) after you have made the payment so that it will be registered to the library system without delay.
  • You can pay fees with bank/credit card at all library departments. At Linna library fees can be paid also in cash.

    Library’s contact information: email tel. 0294 520 900

    More information on the online payment system: Paytrail Plc (2122839-7) acts as an implementer of the payment handling service and as a Payment Service Provider in cooperation with Finnish banks and credit institutions. In the VISA, VISA Electron and MasterCard payments, Paytrail Plc will be shown as the receiver in the invoice and they will forward the payment to the merchant. Paytrail Plc is a licensed payment institution. For the consumer, the service works exactly the same way as the traditional web payment services.

    Paytrail Oyj, Business-id: 2122839-7, Innova 2, Lutakonaukio 7, 40100 Jyväskylä, Telephone: 0207 181830

Library Cards

Logging in and clicking on My account under your name you can access your personal tabs: Profile, Checked out items, Renewing, Holds and requests, Fines, Library cards, Favourites, and Saved searches. By clicking on Add on the Library cards tab you can save the details of several library cards (name of the library, library card number, password).


  • You can add the searched literature references to your favourites by clicking on pin symbol.
  • References are first saved in My favourites where you can move or copy them to the list of your choice.
  • On My favourites tab you can
    • Sort your references by title, author, date, or format and add to them keywords and notes (Edit).
    • Create and remove your public or private favourites lists.
    • Name the lists as you like and move their contents from one list to another.
  • You can share references that you saved in Favourites or forward them by email.You can also import references to e.g. RefWorks bibliography manager..

Saved searches

  • All searches you carried out are saved for the duration of the session at Saved searches tab at Your recent searches.
  • To store important references separately click on Save next to the reference. After closing the session, you will find the references at Saved searches.
  • You can delete search results or empty the whole search history by clicking Delete.
  • If you wish, Alerts service offers you new references daily or weekly, based on criteria provided by you. The results will be delivered to the email you have saved in your account.